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Declaration to employer 12BB


Form 12BB is an employee declaration of claims, for investments or expenditure made by a company employee, for tax-savings purposes. you’ll declare any investments and are eligible for tax deductions, or other expenditures on which tax rebates are applicable. Form 12BB is additionally called an investment declaration form, which is to be filled by the employee, along with investment or expenditure details, and given to the employer.

Our Process

Step 1

Download Sample Form 12BB

Step 2

Add Personal Details

Step 3

Add house rent allowance Details

Step 4

Add LTA Details

Step 5

Enter Details regarding Interest on Loan for Borrowings

Step 6

Add VI-A Deductions

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The rent paid to the landlord is often claimed under House Rent Allowance (HRA) with supporting proof, like rent receipts, etc.

By filing form 12BB, you can avail yourself of several tax benefits provided by the income tax department.

If you're paying rent to your parents, then ask them to report it as their income. at the time of filing their income tax return.

Similarly, the employees also can claim a tax exemption for the prices incurred by traveling under Leave travel allowance (LTA), but only up to the amount included under Cost to Company (CTC).

In case if you're paying interest for a home loan, then certain deductions are often made depending upon the worth of the property.

You can also claim LTA for yourself, your husband/wife, children, and dependent brother/sisters.

Documents Required

For HRA:

Monthly rent receipts

Rent agreement, if needed

For LTA:

Travel bills like airline tickets, bus tickets, rail tickets, invoices of the travel agent, boarding pass, etc.

For Home Loan:

Interest certificate from bank/Home loan statement.

Construction completed certificate for the housing loan taken

Employee self-declaration on a house that is self-occupied or let out.

Section 80 C:

Life insurance premium slips.

Passbook or certificate copy of PPF

Address and Identity proof

Mutual fund statement

Children tuition fee receipts

NSC certificate

FD receipts

Sukanya Samriddhi passbook

Proof of deposit in NHB.

Section 80 CCC And 80 CCD:

Certificate/ passbook/ statement copy of pension plan.

Section 80 D:

Premium Copy/ mediclaim policy copy/ health check-up receipts.

Section 80 DD And 80 U:

Certificate from the prescribed authority (Form no 10-1A).

Section 80 DDB:

Prescription for a specified disease by the specialist

Section 80 G:

Receipt of donation for trust / PAN of the donor

Section 80 E:

Interest payment copy about education loans

Clear All Your Doubts !

When should I submit Form 12 BB?

Employers ask for a declaration, to estimate the TDS for the entire year at the start of the financial year. But Form 12BB must be submitted later at the end of the financial year.

Should Form 12 BB be submitted to the income tax department?

No, Form 12 BB should be submitted to the employer, not to the income tax department.

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