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GST Annual Return


As per the rules, all the taxpayers will file an annual return form with GSTR 9 yet presently all the taxpayers owning a turnover above 5 crores in a particular fiscal year will file the form GSTR 9C which is an annual audit form. Accompanying with the GSTR 9C audit form, the taxpayer will also have to fill up the reconciliation report along with the certification of an audit. GSTR 9C is a declaration of reconciliation amidst the Annual returns registered in GSTR 9 for a financial year and the figures as per the audited annual Financial Statements of the taxpayer. 

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Stay in the good books of your lenders

Helps improve your compliance score

Reconciliation of data for an entire FY is still a necessity

Availing this relaxation does not spare you from potential GST notices

Avoid potential tax litigations

Documents Required

GSTIN Details

Sales & Purchase Data

Filled GST Returns

Input Tax Credit Summary for full year.

Books of Accounts

Clear All Your Doubts !

Can we claim ITC in annual returns?

You cannot claim additional ITC in your annual returns that haven't been claimed in your GSTR-3B.

If the taxpayer switches to a configured system within the normal system framework, or vice versa, which annual filing must be filed?

In such a case, the taxpayer must segregate the sales and purchases within the following manner:

In GSTR-9, report the turnover till the date he was under the regular scheme, and therefore the remaining turnover are going to be reported in GSTR-9A. Purchases made while the taxpayer is registered as a daily taxpayer will be reported under GSTR-9 to claim the ITC. However, the assesses won't be allowed to say ITC on purchases made during the amount where he was registered under the Composition Scheme.

Am I required to file annual returns if my GST registration is cancelled?

All registrants must submit an annual income tax return, even if the status of the taxpayer is unregistered as on the date of the filing return but was registered anytime during the financial year.

Who can perform a GST Audit?

GST audits can only be performed by auditors or cost auditors. you cannot appoint your internal auditor to try to your GST Audit. Also, the Act doesn't allow a GST practitioner to perform the audit.

Which items aren't included within the calculation of aggregate turnover?

Arrivals that taxes are paid. All taxes are charged under Goods and service Tax like CGST, SGST or IGST, Compensation etc.Goods supplied or received back from employment Worker. Activities that are neither considered as goods nor services under schedule III of the CGST Act.

“Aggregate Turnover is calculated on an All India Pan Level” what does one mean by this?

Suppose, you own a corporation having 5 branches in 5 different states. there's a single PAN for a corporation, and hence all its branches have an equivalent PAN. Each branch has its own sales and purchases. So, while calculating the aggregated turnover threshold of Rs. 2 crores, you'll add up the sales from each of your branches.

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