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Preparation Of Monthly Reports


The audit report is a statement or report provided by an auditor so as to assess a company’s assets and liabilities and determine the present financial status of a company and evaluate its future. It includes all the financial aspects of a company. The audit report usually includes financial statements for 12 months. An audit report is a very necessary document and it’s expected by the law:

• If the company is publicly traded on the stock market or exchange • If the firm comes under the purview and protection of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Our Process

Step 1

Get in touch with us

Step 2

Explain to us your report requirement

Step 3

Your draft report is prepared

Step 4

Your report is discussed for review with you

Step 5

Your final report is prepared for submission


Ensure financial reports

Audit reports announced by an acknowledged and independent auditor with operational independence from the control of the entity. The report resulting from them could benefit the users of the financial statement to confirm the veracity of financial information.

Prove control integrity on their shareholders

If the auditor is independent of management, the statement could determine whether management is equitable to their shareholders or not. this is similar to principle and business theory.

Parent company’s condition

Many parent organizations that have subsidiaries working in other countries or maybe within the identical country usually require their subsidiaries’ financial records to be audited. This statement could help them manage the subsidiary even more efficiently.

It is the provision of law and management

Most of the countries expected the entities which have particular measures to have their financial statements examined by independent auditors – measures such as the value of assets, annual turnover, and therefore the number of employees. The auditor is proof that could inform the government that the entity is complying with the rule.

It is that the provision of shareholders

Most of the corporate stockholders want their entity’s financial records to be reviewed. This report is reviewed by the authorities and expressed in simple words that could be recognized by most of the shareholders who don't have a business, financial, or audit background.

Documents Required

Statements or report on the payroll

List of all the bank statements used

List and proof of all the transactions

The general ledger

The balance of the company

Copies of all the legal records and documents


Schedules and registries

Loan papers and reports

Clear All Your Doubts !

What is the scope of an audit report?

The purpose of an auditor's statement is to form the document's logical confidence that a company's business reports are free from fault. along with balance sheets, loss and profit statements, and administrator’s reports, auditor's reports structure a part of a company's lawful accounts.

Who produces the audit report?

The auditor shall prepare a statement to the members of the organization on the accounts and financial reports reviewed by them. The auditor provides the report after taking under consideration the requirements of the companies Act, the accounting standards, and auditing measures.

Who signs an audit report?

If an audit company isn't required, then it might be the ability of the lead or chief auditor to approve the cover letter or audit statement to support its content. As you're conscious, the audit statement is a report back to document the audit outcomes.

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