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ESIC Registration


Employee State Insurance Corporation or ESIC is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme which gives medical gain, sickness gain, maternity privilege, and several other benefits such as funeral costs, free supply of physical aids, etc. to the employees and their family.

Every industry or business establishment holding 10 or more than 10 employees, irrespective of payroll, must register with ESIC. ESI offerings need to be done for all employees owning a salary of less than Rs.21,000 per month. Employees with less than Rs. 21,000 monthly salaries get health and sickness privileges within this statutory scheme. The state government also provides 1/8th share expense of the medical benefit.

Our Process

Step 1

Discussion & collecting required documents

Step 2

Application Preparation

Step 3

ESI registration form submission

Step 4

You are ESI Registered

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      • ESIC Return (ECR) for 1 year
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    • 20000
      • ESIC Registration (employees less than 50)
      • ESIC Return (ECR) for 1 year
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Medical Benefit

The ESIC takes care of an individual’s and his dependents’ medical expenditures by full medical and surgical care. his dependents without any limit in ESI dispensaries and hospitals including a supply of medicine, ambulance services, and super specialty consultation.

Disablement Benefit

In case an employee is disabled, ESIC ensures that the employee is paid 90% of their monthly wages for the period of the injury in case of temporary disablement. In case of permanent disablement, 90% of wages are paid for the remaining life of such an employee.

Maternity benefit

ESIC also helps the insured women employees in the time of pregnancy. Maternity benefit for confinement/pregnancy is provided by ESIC for six months subject to contribution for 70 days in the preceding year.

Unemployment benefit

The ESIC ensures unemployment allowances equal to 50% of wage for up to 1 year and medical care for self and family from ESI Hospitals in case of permanent invalidity due to a non-employment injury or involuntary loss of employment.

Documents Required

A registration certificate obtained either under the - A) Factories Act, or B) Shops and Establishment Act

Certificate of Registration in case of Company, and Partnership deed in case of a Partnership

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company

A list of all the employees working in the Establishment

PAN Card of the Business Entity as well as all the Employees working under the entity

The compensation details of all the employees

A cancelled cheque of the Bank Account of the Company

List of Directors of the Company

List of the Shareholders of the Company

Register containing the attendance of the employees

Clear All Your Doubts !

How ESI scheme is helpful to an employee?

This scheme is specially designed by the government to provide full medical and financial assistance to the employee who is registered under the ESI Act. This scheme helps the employee to get compensation for the loss of his/her wage during his/her absence from work due to sickness, health issues, maternity, or employment inquiry. The benefits listed in the scheme extend to the insured person’s family members also.

Why this scheme is called a Self-Funding Scheme?

The scheme is primarily designed out of contributions made by employer & employee every month at a fixed percentage of the salary paid. Under this scheme, State Government also contributes 1/8th Share of the total cost of Medical Assistance.

What if the salary of an employee exceeds Rs. 21000/- in a month, will he be still covered under a scheme, or the contribution from both sides will stop?

No, the scheme will remain enforced till he continues to be part of the same organization irrespective of the fact that he/ she is earning more salary than 21000/- per month.

After registering under ESIC Scheme, is there any unique number allotted to the employee?

To verify the details of the employee, the ESI Scheme issues a Unique Identification number to each employee or worker which is called an Insurance number and the same can be used for all operational purposes.

What is the eligibility criteria for ESI Registration in India?

The universal rule to be qualified for ESI (Employees’ State Insurance) registration is to have 10 or more employees/workers. However, in a few states and regions, ESI is applicable only if there are more than 20 employees.

As an employer in how many days I should get ESIC Registration after falling under the eligibility criteria of this scheme?

Once the company/entity falls under the eligibility criteria, the registration needs to be taken within 15 days from the date it becomes eligible. This is the statutory responsibility of the shop/establishment or an entity.

Which are the essential documents required to maintain for filing ESI Returns?

There are few documents that an entity registered under ESIC Scheme needs to maintain regularly for filing ESI returns. They are as under:
1. Attendance register
2. Form 6
3. Register of wages
4. Register of any accidents on the premises
5. Inspection book
6. Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI

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