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PF Registration


Provident Fund (PF) is one of the first programs of savings in India for nearly all people working in Government, Private or Public sector companies. It is performed by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) of India. PF is the most reliable means to give social security to employees. Provident Fund is largely an employee benefits scheme prescribed by the Government which provides facilities to the employees of an organization about medical assistance, retirement, education of children, insurance support, and housing. It is designed with the intention to give financial protection and endurance to employees.

Our Process

Step 1

Discussion & collecting required documents

Step 2

Application Preparation

Step 3

PF registration form submission

Step 4

You are PF Registered

Choose Your Package

All Inclusive Pricing – No Hidden Fee

  • Basic
  • Premium
    • 12000
      • PF Registration (employees less than 20)
      • PF Return (ECR) for 1 year
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  • Ultimate
    • 20000
      • PF Registration (employees less than 50)
      • PF Return (ECR) for 1 year
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Pension Coverage

Besides the participation of the worker in EPF, the employer adds an equivalent amount which is including of the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). Therefore, EPF saves you a robust pension.

Cover of Risk

In case of instances like illness, demise, or retirement, Provident Fund helps the dependents of the worker by covering the financial risks they face in such situations.

Single Account/one EPF Account

The PF account is often transferred while switching jobs. Universal Account Number(UAN) linked to the Aadhar will begin to help the linking of the past accounts. It is often carried forward to the new employer rather than being closed down. This uniformity ensures that the speed of return is compounded over the years.

Emergency Fund

Emergencies are sure to happen at any point in your time in life. PF amount is often of great help during mishaps, illnesses, weddings, and academic expenses. Employees can make claims online.

Documents Required

Digital Signature of Proprietor/Partner/Director

Aadhar Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director

• Shop and Establishment Certificate/GST Certificate/ License issued by the government for factory

PAN Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director

Canceled Cheque/Bank Statement of organization

PAN Card of organization

Electricity Bill of the Registered Office (not older than 2 months)

Clear All Your Doubts !

Who must register with PF Department?

Any company which has 20 or more employees is required to be registered with the PF Department.

What is the time taken for EPF employer registration?

It will take 10-15 working days

What is the contribution rate to the Provident fund & pension scheme?

12% of the basic salary deposited in the provident fund account is contributed by employers, whereas out of employee contribution of 12%; 3.67% is contributed to the provident fund and 8.33% is submitted in the Pension scheme.

What is the contribution of an employer?

The Employee contributes 12% of his /her Basic Salary & the same amount is contributed by the Employer. Employer contribution of 12% of basic salary is totally deposited in provident fund account whereas out of Employees contribution of 12%, 3.67% is contributed to Provident fund and 8.33% is deposited in Pension scheme.

What is the basic salary for EPF applicability?

Employees drawing basic salary up to Rs 15000/- have to compulsory contributions to the and employees drawing above Rs 15001/- have an option to become a member of the Provident Fund.

Is the employee provident fund is taxable?

Provident fund contribution by the employer & employee is not a taxable income for Income Tax purposes.

What is the required number of employees required for employee provident fund applicability?

Any establishment which employs 20 or more employees, except apprentice and casual laborers, every Employee including contract labor who is in receipt of basic salary up to Rs. 15000 p.m. is covered by the Act. Any establishment which has been covered under the Act once shall continue to be governed by the Act even if the number of persons employed therein at any time falls below 20.

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