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Home Loan


Home loans are also known as mortgages, use the borrower’s home for collateral. This home can, however, be a single-family house up to a four-unit property, as well as a cooperative unit. Lenders thus fund home loans and then process them.

The maximum loan amount which any borrower can ask for in a home loan is 50%-80% of the property and the term of the loan is from 5 to 15 years also comparatively lower interest rates and there is greater credit eligibility.

Our Process

Step 1

Fill Simple form

Step 2

We Process your application for a loan

Step 3

We get the simplest rates for you

Step 4

Loan is approved and the amount is credited


Lower interest rates as its secured loan

Helpful for all Home-related expenses

Greater Credit Eligibility

Documents Required

PAN card /Passport

Processing fee cheque

Bank Statement

Credit score

Aadhar card

Copy of Property document

Last 3 years balance sheet

Latest OD/CC Sanction letter

Income tax return of Last 3years

Proof of Business

Profit & Loss Statement

Clear All Your Doubts !

What's home loan EMI?
  • HL EMI is a defined amount you'll buy repayment of your loan monthly till the loan is totally paid.
  • However, the EMI amounts stay the same, monthly the part of interest keeps coming down and the principal keeps on increasing, except when rating of interest increases.
  • HL tenure in India ranges from 5 years to a maximum of 18 years. The longer the tenure, the lower the EMI.
What are the advantages of paying home loan EMI through ECS?

The key advantage of paying home loan EMI through ECS is that there's no signature mismatch risk for cheque bouncing or the other technical issue. Note heavy cheque bouncing charges are charged by the banks even for technical bounce and thus, it's advisable to avoid this risk by availing of ECS mode of debit.

How is that the home loan EMI calculated?

A basic method is applied for calculating the EMI. It, bigger the loan amount, the higher are going to be the EMI, smaller the loan, lower the EMI. Larger the loan tenure, the smaller the EMI.

How does a home loan or Property Loan Work?

To buy a new home you're taking a property loan or home loan. The developer of the property is paid the value of the house consistent with the payment plan by the lender. the borrower successively pays EMIs which is cover the tenure of the loan.

Who Qualifies for Home Loan?

• Your income, savings, debt obligations are considered.
• Cost/value of the property against which you would like loan are considered
• Your track record for other loans, credit cards repayments are considered

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