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TDS Certificate


Every Indian citizen who falls under a specific tax bracket due to his or her earnings is liable to file income tax returns annually. However, to form things simpler for employers and employees, the government has drafted IT laws that allow for a tax deduction or collection at the source. This practice is popularly referred to as TDS or TCS. having the ability to deduct tax at the source ensures the government a gentle source of income, and also helps in curbing tax evasion. To be eligible for TDS, every employee requires a tax deduction or Collection Account Number, known as TAN. the company or deductor is given the responsibility of filing the TDS returns and providing employees with a certificate showing they have paid the required tax. Form 16B is one such TDS certificate that’s handed out.


Role of Form 16B


Form 16B is a TDS certificate which the deductor issues as per laws provided within the Income-tax Act, 1961 with respect to sale or transfer of immovable property or asset. it’s issued for all types of immovable property including commercial and residential buildings, land and even a part of a building. the only type of land this type does not suits is agricultural land whose sale has stringent rules. The one that buys the property is liable to handle the value of the transfer. this type comes into play in transactions that exceed Rs 50 lakhs, and therefore the TDS is deducted at a 10th rate on the payment. However, if the vendor doesn’t have the specified documents like PAN, statement records and TAN, then TDS are going to be cut at a rate of 20%.

Our Process

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This is a tax deducted at source certificate for TDS deducted on a sale of property.

After the buyer has made TDS payment for the seller, a certificate will be made available.

The buyer can then download this certificate also known as Form 16B and give it to the seller as a proof of TDS submission.

Documents Required

Assessment year

Acknowledgment no. of the Form 26QB

Registering as SME

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What is The Use of Form 16B?

Form 16B is a TDS Certificate verifying the TDS deducted on property and deposited with the Income Tax Department.


Remember that at the time of sale of immovable property, the buyer has to subtract TDS on Property @ 1% on the amount payable to the seller. TDS is not required on immovable property where the sale consideration is less than Rs. 50 lakhs and agricultural property.

What is The Password to Open Form 16B?
  • Form 16B will be made as a PDF file and password to open this file is date of birth of the buyer in dd/mm/yyyy format.
What is Form 16B and 26QB?
  • Form 26QB – Challan/Return for TDS related payment.
  • Form 16B is a TDS certificate issues by the buyer to the seller for TDS deducted
What is Form 26QB?
  • A tax deducted at source at the time of each credit/ payment to the seller’s account.
  • This is put into the government’s account through challan (Form 26QB) within a month of the next 30 days.
  • Remember that when a buyer does not deduct the taxes or deposit them in the government account, she/he becomes a default assessee.

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