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E-Commerce Business


Starting an e-commerce business could also be a dream for several aspiring entrepreneurs. Also with the enormous growth of e-commerce players in India, and since of Internet connectivity, it is also an easy choice for Indian youth.


Business registration is that the initiative towards your dream of fixing an internet store. For registering your business, you’d wish to choose which type of entity you need to form. You’ve got many choices like starting solo with Sole Proprietorship firm or One Person Company. You’ll also prefer to register a personal Ltd. if you’ve plans to infuse equity or usher in Foreign Direct Investment at a later stage. Usually, Private Ltd. is that the best kind of organization for an e-store.

Our Process

Step 1

Choose a name

Step 2

Register your business

Step 3

Obtain a brand registration

Step 4

Open your bank account

Step 5

Register on any e – commerce platforms


Fast go-to-market time

Unlike other businesses, which require tons of capital and time to create, starting a business within the e-commerce industry in India is straightforward. you are doing not need a building or much ground staff to start operations, as they happen over the web. Since you don’t need a store, you save tons of your time and money, making it easier for you to urge to plug. Therefore, establishing such a business is far faster than a standard business.

Considerably low or economical cost

Just like we mentioned, fixing an e-commerce business in India isn’t as capital intensive as other industries. you are doing not need a store, just a warehouse, and this brings down costs tremendously. you furthermore may don't need tons of staff, as you are doing not need salesmen. This also helps in bringing down the general cost of multinational.

Online shopping and marketing is out there

Most people buy things online now, and this makes it easier for you to draw in a crowd and sell your products. thanks to rising internet penetration and the rise in popularity of smartphones, more people have access to online shopping websites. Therefore, it'll be easier to plug and sell your products online now.

Access to insights on customer data

When people buy things online, you don’t just get revenue, you furthermore may get valuable data about them. You get information including their contact details, age, birthday, email address, and even their shopping preferences. Such a goldmine of knowledge can help predict user behavior and understand what your users want to shop for, making it easier to know the market and grow by leveraging that information.

Documents Required

PAN card

Address and Identity proof

GST Registration Certificate.

Bank account in the name of the business

Clear All Your Doubts !

Can I register as a private limited company to sell my products on e-commerce Platform?

Yes. All you need is 2 directors, two shareholders, a registered office proof and a few documents to get started.

I am a non-resident. I wish to import goods in India and sell my products on the e-commerce platform in India. What should I do?

Apart from the registration of a private limited company, you'll need an Import Export Code. As a nonresident or foreign national, you'll easily register a company in India. you need not physically be present in India to open a company. The Indian government is very appreciative of FDIs. you'll get in-tuned with our expert’s wing at here

Is it mandatory to get a Trademark Registration?

No, it is not. However, so as to uniquely identify your products, it's highly recommended that you simply should get your products registered under the Trademark. As an MSME, you're also eligible to get a 50% concession on Trademark Government fees. Know more here.

How long does it take to make a design?

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Do you provide support to register on e-commerce as a seller?

We provide end-to-end legal assistance, advisory, and support for you to be ready to register as a seller on e-commerce platforms. Different e-commerce platforms have different listing requirements. we'll assist you with all legal registrations needed for the same.

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