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E-Way Bill Support


GST E-Way bill is a GST return used while goods and services are moved from one place to another. It is a necessity for the transporter to bring a GST E-Way Bill while shifting the goods from one place to another. E-Way Bill stands for the electronic bill also a person registered under GST is not permitted to transport goods that exceed Rs.50,000 without an E-Way Bill. It is very essential to know when your e way bill is authorized and the validity depends on the distance of the goods which have to be transported. usually, it is 1 day up to 100 Km.

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Less documentation

All the exiting state-wise documentation required for the transfer of goods will never newly be required. An added benefit that is possible for the transporters is the establishment of an RFID device in the vehicle used to transport consignment on a routine basis. The individual in the care of the vehicle never requires to carry actual copies as the device is fixed to the vehicle and the e-way bill can be mapped and verified through the device.

No waiting time at the check post

faster transportation of goods through maximum use of vehicle/resources.

User-friendly e-way bill system

E-way bill systems & portals are extremely user-friendly and simple. Also dealers can effortlessly self download the e-way bill.

Easy and quick generation of e way bill

E-way bill would be produced easily and swiftly, there is no great task to generate e-way bill. In the future time, it will be made very easy because the government is working very lightly.

Documents Required

Supplier is required to provide the sale bill

Transporter ID or Vehicle number

Transporter ID, Transport document number, and date on the document

Clear All Your Doubts !

When is the e-Way Bill filing is mandatory?

Filing and generation of e-Way Bill are mandatory for both inter-state/ intra-state movement of goods when the value of a single consignment exceeds INR 50,000. Provisions for the same are made applicable since April 1, 2018. Applicability of system for transport within State is also notified by the respective State Governments.

How the value of consignment is calculated? Which goods are included for such calculation?

The amount of consignment to be transported will include a basic value of goods including the GST and less paid on same. Generating an e-Way Bill will be necessary for the rejected and returned transportation of goods, goods sent for repairs and maintenance, and materials sent on job work with delivery challan.

What information and documents are required to generate an e-Way Bill online?

For a generation of the e-way bill, the requirement includes the sale bill and details regarding the supplier, recipient, and transporter of goods along with details of a vehicle through which the consignment was transported. However, in case of non-availability, the vehicle number can be changed after the generation of the e-Way Bill.

Who is required to generate an e-Way Bill online?

The supplier of the goods is required to generate an e-Way Bill for the transported goods as prescribed.

How e-Way Bill is generated?

E-Way Bill is generated through the online portal of the GST Network assigned for the same. The process includes filing PART – A and PART – B of the form through an online portal or through SMS. On registration of Bill, e-Way Bill Number (EBN) is generated.

Whether the consolidated e-Way Bill can be generated for multiple consignments?

Yes, a consolidated e-Way Bill in the prescribed form can be generated for multiple consignments for a single consignment vehicle by the transporter. However, the package prescribed here does not cover the generation of the consolidated e-way bill.

What are the modes of transportation covered for generating e-Way Bill under GST?

Generating an e-Way Bill will be compulsory for every mode of transportation that includes airways, waterways, and roadways. Mode of public conveyance is also included under the same.

Is the transporter required to carry the e-Way Bill, during the transportation of goods?

Yes, the transporter must carry the e-Way Bill generated with consignment during the transportation as it includes the details of the goods being transported.

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