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Startup India Registration


The government has unrolled a Startup India scheme for the expansion of companies by promoting innovations. The DIPP registration comes with many welfares that startups can hold by registering a business organization under the Start Up India scheme. This scheme is envisioned as transforming India into an employment-provider rather than an employment seeker. Only an entity that’s registered as a private limited company or a limited liability Partnership (LLP) or a Registered Partnership Firm can get recognition under Startup India Scheme.

Eligibility for Startup India Recognition

1. An entity must be registered as a

– Private Limited Company

– Limited Liability Partnership

– Registered Partnership Firm

2. Turnover should be Less than 100 crore

3. A Startup must be involved in the activities towards innovation or improvement in existing products or services or processes and must be capable of generating employment or wealth creation

4. An entity shall be considered as startup up to 10 years from incorporation

Our Process

Step 1

Incorporate your business

Step 2

Register under Startup India

Step 3

Upload documents in a PDF format

Step 4

Provide information’s Regarding Tax Exemption

Step 5

Stipulates for the Self-certification

Step 6

Avail Recognition Number

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income tax Benefits

Startups are now given a tax exemption for three years from the date of incorporation provided they're certified intrinsically by the Inter-Ministerial Board of Certification. Also, upon acquiring recognition from the DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade), and if the total amount of paid-up share capital and share premium of the startup after the proposed issuing of shares, if any, doesn't exceed INR 25 Crore, the startup also will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Financial Benefits

Startups are given a rebate on property rights (IPR) costs of 80% on patents and 50% on trademarks and are actively assisted by government-provided facilitators who aid with protecting and commercializing the IPRs. The analysis and ejection of the IPR applications are also fast-tracked. the government will also endow the fees of the organizer.

Registration Benefits

Startup registration persists utmost complexity, with incorporation and registration entity considered harder than the actual running of a business because of the arduousness of the necessities. Under the scheme, the Startup India Hub, a portal to make networking opportunities and assistance for startups, has been created with a problem-solving window being provided by the government under the scheme.

Funding Benefits

Certain states provide seed funding to startups certified under the scheme.

Documents Required

Registration certification or Certificate of Incorporation of a business entity

Copy of PAN card

Memorandum of association or Article of Association for LLP or partnership firm.

Particulars of the directors such as name, contact details, and photographs.

Entity’s social profile or website link.

IPR related information if any.

Fund detail in case an entity avail any funding help from investors.

Address and Identity proof

GST Registration Certificate.

Clear All Your Doubts !

What is a StartUp India Recognition?

StartUp Recognition is based on Government Scheme providing special benefits to Start Up entities subject to specific conditions as laid down in the rules.

Who is eligible to apply for Startup India Registration?

Only Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Registered Partnership Firm are eligible to apply for a StartUp Recognition certificate.

Can any Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Registered Partnership Firm apply for Startup Registration?

An entity working for innovation, deployment or commercialization of new products, process or services driven by technology or intellectual property is eligible to apply. A new product/service/process, or a significantly improved existing product/service/process, that can create or add value to customers or a workflow can also file an application to register itself under this scheme.

How can I connect with other Startups and Investors after getting Startup recognition?

After registration you can connect to other Startups, investors or incubators on the Startup India portal under the Tab – ECOSYSTEM or you can connect by login into your account.

What is the government fee for making an application for recognition as a Startup by DIPP?

There is no government fee for the registration under the Startup India Scheme.

In how many days I will get the certificate for recognition as Startup by DIPP?

The government officers thoroughly check all the information and documents provided in the application, hence the time period depends on the government processing time.

For how many years an entity is considered as a Startup?

For the period of 10 years from the date of incorporation or up to the turnover increases the limit of Rs. 100 crore in any financial year.

What is DIPP?

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion which grants the certificate of recognition to StartUps based on satisfaction of specific conditions.

Is One Person Company eligible to be entitled for recognition as “StartUp”?

Since, One Person Company is a form of a company it is entitled to be recognized as “StartUp”.

My entity is formed by converting a firm into LLP, will it be eligible for Startup India registration?

No, entities formed by Splitting Up or Reconstruction of Business already in existence are not eligible for registration under this scheme.

Whether the registration on Startup India website and DIPP recognized Startups are same?

No, the DIPP recognition for Startups is different from registration on Startup India website. To avail the benefits of Startup India scheme, the entity must be registered under Startup India Scheme provided by DIPP. Only creating the account on the website of Startup India does not amount to get recognized as Startup by DIPP.

Can the application be filed physically?

The application is to be submitted online at

If at the time of application, I have selected NO for the tax benefits, will I be eligible to avail the benefits later on?

Yes, It can be availed later on also.

Can I avail tax benefits as soon as I get the certificate?

By registering under this scheme your entity will be eligible for availing tax benefits but to avail it, you need to separately apply for it by log in on the portal of Startup India.

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