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Private Limited Company is the most popular form of starting a business, there are various compliance which are required to be followed once Company is incorporated.

The ministry of corporate affairs has released a mandatory complete MCA compliance chart for the mandatory forms coming under the MCA rules and regulations.

The table below provides complete details of the forms in the MCA compliance chart, along with their purpose, applicability, and relevant due dates. Now let us understand all those forms with their purpose, due date, applicability, and penalty (if applicable):


Name of E-Form/ReturnPurpose of E-Form/ReturnDue Date of FilingDue Date for FY 2020-21 
DIR-8Every Director of the Company in each financial year will file with the company disclosure of non-disquali-fication31/03/2020
MBP-1Every Director of the Company in first Meeting of the Board of Directors in each financial year shall disclose his interest in other entitiesAt the 1st Board Meeting in every Financial year;ANDAt the Board Meeting held immediately after change in such interest, if any  
DIR-3 KYC/KYC Any Person Having Din as On 31 March Is Required To File DIR-3 KYC/WEB KYC 6 months from TheClosure of FinancialYear30/09/2021
DPT-3Annual Return of Deposit And Exempted Deposit3 Months from TheClosure of FinancialYear 30/06/2021 
MSMEHalf yearly return with the registrar in respect of outstanding payments to Micro or Small Enterprise.Within a month for eachhalf of the year, exceeding 45 days30/04/2021 (forOctober 2019 to March2021)  31/10/2021 (April 2021to September 2021) 
BEN-2Return to the Registrar in
respect of declaration under
section 90 (Declaration of
Beneficial Owner) 
Every Company shall filea return of significantbeneficial owners of theCompany and changestherein with the Registrarcontaining names,addresses and otherdetails. 30 days from thereceipt of Declarationin Form BEN-1
ADT-1Appointment of Auditorif applicable 15 days from theconclusion of the AGM(In case of OPC with 15 days from the date of a board meeting) 14.10.2021(*If AGM is30.09.2021)
Form AOC-4 andForm AOC-4CFS (in case ofConsolidatedfinancialstatements)Filing of Annual Accounts30 days from theconclusion of the AGM (In case of OPC within 180 days from the close of the financial year)29.10.2021(*If AGM is30.09.2021)
MGT-7Filing of Annual Return60 days from theconclusion of AGM ( In case of OPC within 180 days from the close of the financial year) 29.11.2021(*If AGM is30.09.2021)
CRA-4 Filing of Cost Audit Report30 days from the receiptof Cost Audit Report30 days from thereceipt of Cost AuditReport
MGT-14- For Approval of Annual AccountsFiling of resolutions with MCA regarding Board Report and Annual Accounts30 days from the date of Board Meeting30 days from the date of Board Meeting 
Form AOC-4(XBRL)Filing of Annual Accounts in XBRL mode30 days from the conclusion of the AGM29.10.2021 (*If AGM is30.09.2021)
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